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Degree Programs

B.S (4 years)

Program is of 8 semesters, including 120 credits of course work. Each course is of 3 credits.

M.Sc(2 years)

Program is of 4 semesters, including 60 credit hrs of course work. Each course is of 3+1 credit hrs, including 1 credit hr of practical. Overall, 13 courses are of compulsory nature (core), whereas, two courses are optional to be taken from the "Course List (Optional)".

M.Phil(2 years)

Program is of 4 semesters, including; 24 credit hrs of course work and 26 credit hrs of research and thesis. Each course is of 4 credit hrs. One year (2 semesters) is meant for course work and one for research work.

PhD(3-5 years)

Ph.D enrollment is made in accordance with admission policy of the University. Program includes; 18 credit hrs course work (to be completed in first two semesters), one comprehensive examination (to be completed within first two years) and a seminar at the completion of research work. Final thesis submission will be within 7 years of maximum time. Thesis is evaluated by 3 external reviews (examiners) followed by a defence of thesis.

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